Basic Italian Words and Phrases for Travelers on Their Next Trip to Italy


After being locked down during the pandemic, it is time to get out and start rediscovering the wider world beyond our living rooms – and what better place to start than the beautiful landscapes of Italy?

Before you rush off to book that flight and start looking for places to stay, why not try to learn a few common Italian words and phrases? This will help you to better understand the culture and people around you as a traveller, giving you the opportunity to experience even more on your adventure. Italian, after all, is such a beautiful language, but it can be intimidating practising in front of the locals, which is what often deters people from trying. Rest assured, everyone will appreciate your efforts to embrace their language and culture, and help you out where they can!

So, let us get started on learning some basic Italian words and travel phrases to get you ready for the trip of a lifetime. 

Basic Italian Words for Everyday Use

There are a handful of common words that are necessary for every burgeoning Italian speaker to make their way through the day. Whether you are a complete beginner or someone with experience, these basic Italian words will help in a variety of situations – in fact, you will probably be surprised at how familiar some of these sounds!

Arrivederci!See you!

Buongiorno!Good morning! 

Buonasera!Good evening! 

Ciao – Hello

Chances are you have already seen these applied in movies, television shows, or in books, so you are already on your way to speaking Italian! 

Common Italian Phrases for Basic Conversation

Moving on from those examples to get you started, we can now explore a few common Italian phrases to help you with basic conversation as you travel. Have a look at these and see if you can work them into your daily conversations.

Buona giornata – Have a good day 

Scusa, parli inglese? – Excuse me, do you speak English? 

Mi dispiace, non parlo bene italiano – I am sorry, I don’t speak Italian very well 

Come ti chiami? – What is your name? 

Come si dice in italiano? – How do you say this in Italian? 

Da dove vieni? – Where are you from? 

Dove vai? – Where are you going? 

Quanti anni hai? – How old are you? 

Armed with these simple, common phrases, you will be able to engage the locals on your trip in easy conversation as you get to know them (as well as receive assistance where needed).

Italian Phrases for Travelers

There are many Italian travel phrases to help you navigate your way around and make the most of your trip. Whether you are asking for directions, looking for help, dining at a restaurant or checking into a hotel, there are many conversations that will take place where you need to give and receive valuable information. Being able to understand and offer some of these details in Italian will go a long way to ensuring you have a smoother, more enjoyable, travel experience. Here are some useful Italian phrases for travellers to help you on your way.

Common Travel Phrases Asking for Directions and Transport

We all need that extra bit of help as we find our way in new surroundings. With these handy phrases, you will find all the support you need. 

Scusi, mi può aiutare? Mi sono perso. – Excuse me, can you help me? I am lost. 

Scusi, dov’è la stazione? – Excuse me, where is the train station?

Dove posso comprare i biglietti del treno/ dell’autobus? – Where can I buy the bus/ train tickets? 

Vorrei un biglietto andata e ritorno per Roma, grazie. – I would like a return ticket for Rome, please. 

Dov’è la fermata dell’autobus? – Where is the bus stop? 

Dove va questo treno? – Where does this train go? 

Questo posto è libero? Posso sedermi? – Is this seat free? Can I sit here? 

Non trovo il mio bagaglio. – I can’t find my luggage.

Devo andare in aeroporto. – I need to go to the airport.

Common Travel Phrases at the Restaurant

Enjoy the many culinary delights to be found in Italy with these useful phrases. 

Buon appetito! – Bon appétit! 

Il conto per favore. – The bill, please.

Posso pagare con la carta di credito? – Can I pay by card?

Vorrei un caffè, grazie. – I would like a coffee, please. 

Posso prenotare un tavolo per stasera? – Can I book a table for tonight? 

Questo tavolo è libero? – Is this table free? 

Prendo una pizza margherita – I’ll have a margherita pizza. 

Da bere vorrei un bicchiere di vino – I’ll have a glass of wine, please. 

Common Travel Phrases at the Hotel

Rest easy knowing that you have all your accommodation information on hand with these useful Italian phrases. 

Quanto costa? – How much is it? 

Posso prenotare una stanza per due notti? – Can I book a room for two nights? 

Ho una prenotazione. – I have a reservation. 

La colazione è inclusa? – Is breakfast included? 

Avete la piscina? – Is there a swimming pool? 

C’è l’aria condizionata in camera? – Is there A/C in the room? 

L’albergo è vicino al centro? – Is the hotel close to the city centre? 

A che ora è il check out? – What time is the check out? 

With these common Italian travel phrases on hand, you will be prepared for a range of scenarios as you travel throughout Italy. Practising basic words and phrases will help you to improve your conversational skills and open a variety of opportunities for you to get the most out of your travel experience.

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