What our students usually ask us


  • What happens if I miss a class?

    We are very flexible! If you miss a class you can make it up coming on another day and time during the same week. Just call the office to check the availability (03) 9347 9144

    From week 4 you can attend as many standard classes as you wish. It means that you have the chance to practice more and catch up something that you have missed or you would like to revise.

  • What happens if I can't attend my class anymore?

    If you can’t come to school anymore just call the office and we can arrange the best solution for you. (03) 9347 9144

  • Do I need any book?

    Most of our courses follow a book, and most of your study will be done with an accompanying text and exercise book.

    The books for Levels 1 to 4 are Ci Siamo Textbook and Ci Siamo Workbook ($99).
    The books for Levels 5 to 7 are Progetto Italiano Nuovo 1 textbook and work book ($ 131)
    The books for Levels 7 to 7/8  are Progetto Italiano Nuovo 2 textbook and work book ($ 131)

    For Intensive Courses all the material will be provided by the school.

  • How do I know where to go when I arrive for my class?

    At the beginning of the term our staff will be standing at the front door giving you all the instructions needed.

    You can ask information to our friendly staff in the office at the entrance, open Mon-Thu from 9am to 6pm, Fri from 9am to 5pm and Sat from 9am to 1.30pm.

    The television on the first floor also shows the daily schedule ten minutes before every lesson.

School Facilities

  • Where is the school?

    The school is located in 247 Cardigan St, Carlton 3035, Melbourne.

    Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Little Italy, it is easily recognisable by the waving Italian flags on the top.

  • How many rooms are there in the school?

    The school has two buildings with two floors each, consisting of 9 rooms in total.

    Every room is provided with heater, air conditioning, TV, audio&video system, whiteboard and an amazing teacher.

  • Is there an elevator?

    In the main building there is an elevator that can be used upon request.

  • Is there a kitchen?

    There is a kitchenette and a lounge area for the students to enjoy. Microwave oven, kettle boiler and toaster are available, along with free coffee, chocolate and tea.

  • Is there an Italian library?

    Yes, there is! Our library consists of many books, CDs and DVDs for both children and adults. Our books range from children ones to classics, grammar and novels.

    The books are free to borrow for our students for up to two weeks.

    We also have a bookshop where you can purchase your favourite books and those needed for the courses.