A Program designed to prepare students for their reading, writing, listening and oral SAC’s on a weekly basis.

Year 11 and 12 VCE Support Classes

Classes on Saturday at 11.40am

Term 1: $287 for 9 weeks
Term 2: $319 for 10 weeks
Term 3: $319 for 10 weeks
Term 4: $192 for 6 weeks


Advice = Results

Expert advice on how to achieve excellent results.

Comprehension Skills

Improve oral, written and listening comprehension skills, with different discourse forms and themes.

Grammar Time

Cover tricky grammatical points and anything else that has ever puzzled students about the Italian language.

VCE Term Classes

The weekly VCE support program is designed to complement and extend the students’ VCE curriculum.

Dates and prices 2021:

Term 1:1st February – 1st April ($287 for 9 weeks)
Term 2: 19th April – 25th June ($319 for 10 weeks)
Term 3: 12th July – 18th September ($319 for 10 weeks)
Term 4: 4th October – 13th November ($192 for 6 weeks)

VCE Intensive Classes

VCE intensive Programs are designed to prepare and assist students with their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. Intensive programs are focused on increasing students’ spoken discourse while enhancing their knowledge of grammar.

Dates and prices 2021:

Autumn Intensive: 12th – 16th April ($319)
Winter Intensive: 5th -9th July ($319)
Spring Intensive: 27th September – 1st October ($319)